Vegan Hijiki and Burdock Kinpira Rice Seasoning


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Prefecture: Tokyo 
Producer: Maruai Foods
Ingredients: Burdock (domestic), carrots (domestic), soy sauce, soy protein (domestic), bunashimeji mushrooms (domestic), konjac (domestic), sesame oil, sugar, hijiki (domestic), salt, fermented rice seasoning, rice vinegar, yeast extract, plum vinegar, chili pepper (domestic)
Vegan, Dairy-free
Storage: Refrigerate after opening and use as soon as possible.

You may be familiar with kinpira gobo, a popular Japanese side dish made of julienned gobo (burdock) and carrots topped with toasted sesame seed. Kinpira is a cooking style where ingredients are first stir fried then simmered in a sweet soy sauce.

This flavorful rice seasoning is a harmonious blend traditional Japanese ingredients, all domestically grown, including earthy gobo (burdock root), carrots, slightly nutty and buttery tasting bunashimeji (small capped beech mushrooms), high fiber konnyaku (mountain grown yam/taro also known as konjac), soy protein, and the noticeable, slightly sweet taste of hijiki seaweed. These ingredients are combined in a umami rich seasoning with a dash of nutty sesame oil. 

Maruai Foods is committed to making products grown domestically in Japan without any additives. They believe in the importance of food as the starting point to nurture the body and mind, and hope their foods will be the centerpiece of “food memories” that make you smile.

Suggested uses: Mix the package with 600-660g of cooked rice or 300g of uncooked rice before cooking. Can also be enjoyed as is or as a topping on salads or cooked vegetables.

DISCLAIMER: We provide ingredients and common allergens based on the packaging as a reference only. Please consume with caution based on your own individual health concerns as we cannot guarantee the presence or lack of certain ingredients, allergens and/or animal products.

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