MINT & SUDACHI CORDIAL (ミントとすだちのコーディアル)


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Prefecture: Osaka 
Producer: Vegetable Park
Ingredients:Beet sugar (from Tanegashima), peppermint (from Osaka), spearmint (from Osaka), sudachi juice (from Tokushima), organic cardamom
Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free
Storage: Refrigerate after opening.

Sudachiis a regional, very sour small green citrus fruit native to Japan. To make this handmade cordial, sudachi from Tokushima is combined with freshly picked homegrown peppermint and spearmint which are soaked in sugar overnight and boiled to bring out the taste and aroma of the herbs, with very little water added.

Cordial means "from the heart" and it’s with this same affection that Vegetable Park creates this product using herbs grown on their farm in Nose, just outside of Osaka. The farm is run by Ayumu and Emi Ueda and their adorable young children, who sustainably grow their products without the use of pesticides or chemicals. They share their love of agriculture with their community and encourage everyone to come and visit their farm to experience the harvest of the land. 

How to prepare: Shake well before using. Mix with flat, sparkling, iced or hot water for a refreshing drink (ratio syrup:water = 1:4), or with alcohol to make a fun cocktail such as a mojito. Use as a topping on desserts like yogurt, ice cream, or shaved ice.

DISCLAIMER: We provide ingredients and common allergens based on the packaging as a reference only. Please consume with caution based on your own individual health concerns as we cannot guarantee the presence or lack of certain ingredients, allergens and/or animal products.

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