[Limited Holiday Edition] TabiEats Care Package


From food adventures to unique travel destinations, TabiEats opens up their hearts and home to take us on a food journey through Japan. Through their videos and recipes, we have been able to visit neighborhood hideaways and to see the regional foods that locals enjoy.

In this limited edition Holiday TabiEats Care Package, which includes a colorful English brochure with product information, producer stories and recipes, TabiEats shares with you their favorite foods from Japan along with the special memories they created. 

Producer:Enchu Shokuhin
Ingredients:Chirimen (dried baby white fish) (domestic), soy sauce (including soybeans and wheat), starch syrup, mirin,sansho (Japanese pepper) (domestic), agar

Sansho Chirimen combines two local Japanese specialities:chirimen (dried baby white fish) andsansho (Japanese pepper similar to Szechuan peppercorns with a noticeable citrus flavor), with soy sauce and mirin, which are then artfully cooked in a kettle over an open fire. The result is a luxurious blend of citrus and spice umami.

Enchu Shokuhin was founded 100 years ago. Now in its third generation, they strive to pass on a good, domestic food system to the world and the next generation, while preserving traditional methods of farming and fishing in Tokyo.Their cooking process is carried out by four craftsmen who have trained for 10 years to perfect the art of simmering foods.

Ingredients:Katsuobushi (dried bonito/skipjack tuna), sugar, soy sauce, salt, kelp (includes wheat and soybeans)
Size: 48g (6 packets x 8g)

In its basic form, dashi is a broth made by extracting umami from ingredients by boiling them. However, its use in Japanese cuisine helps to elevate and enhance the flavors of any dish. These dashi packets allow you to conveniently create a dashi made from a blend of traditional ingredients includingkatsuobushi (dried bonito/skipjack tuna) andkonbu (thick edible kelp).

Ninben has been specializing in producing katsuobushi for over 300 years. Now in its 13th generation, Ninben continues to produce its katsuobushi using inherited, old-fashioned manufacturing methods (a process that can take up to six months) that have been passed down from craftsman to craftsman. 

Ingredients:Soybeans (from Kyushu), wheat (from Kyushu), salt, Wasanbon sugar, red sake

Kyushu is famous for its sweet soy sauce. This specialty Wasanbon Sweet Soy Sauce is made from soybeans and wheat from Kyushu, and seasoned withwasanbon, a high-quality, artisanal, hand-crafted sugar typically used to makewagashi (traditional Japanese sweets), and a red sake that has been aged for 2 years with wood ash.

Fundōdai was founded in 1869 and began as a sake brewer during the Edo era. In its 11th generation, they created this sweet soy sauce to celebrate their 150th anniversary in 2019, the same year the Heisei era ended. It’s known as their “Heisei” sweet soy sauce and has a refreshing taste with a rich yet gentle sweetness.

Producer:Pengin Shokudo
Ingredients:Canola oil (domestic), red pepper, sesame oil, garlic, black beans (soy beans), salt, sesame,sansho (Japanese pepper), olive oil, island red pepper,kokuto (Okinawan brown sugar), long pepper, turmeric, pepper

Rāyu is a popular, regional Japanese chili oil that is typically found adding flavor and spice to gyoza and noodle dishes. This Ishigaki rāyu comes from Ishigaki island in Okinawa, Japan’s southernmost tropical islands. Located closer to Taiwan than to mainland Japan, Ishigaki Island is at the tail end of a string of volcanic islands stretching to the south with only 50,000 residents.

It’s here, on Ishigaki Island, that an international couple, Gyoho and Airi, lovingly create their rāyu using a variety of local island spices and seasonings. With a mix of sweetness and heat, this rāyu includes "island pepper", which grows naturally on the stone fence around Gyoho and Airi’s house, local sea salt,kokuto (Okinawa brown sugar), garlic, sesame seeds, black beans and a dash ofchimugukuru - the heart and soul of the Okinawan spirit.

SEAWEED YUBA CHIPS (ゆばチップス のりしお味)
Producer:Nikko Shokuhin
Ingredients:Yuba (non-GMO domestic soybeans, vegetable oil), salt, aosa nori (green seaweed)

Yuba is made by warming a bowl of soybean milk and skimming off the top film, or tofu skin, as it forms.While it tastes somewhat similar to tofu, it has a distinct creamy texture from its delicate, thin layers and a slightly sweet, almost buttery taste. These yuba chips are a unique way to enjoy this tofu specialty which has been combined with aosa nori(green seaweed) and a dash of salt to create a flakey yet crispy, umami-rich snack.

Nikko Shokuhin is located in Nikko City, a beautiful ancient World Heritage Site,makes their yuba by hand using traditional methods and soybeans from Tochigi Prefecture. 

Ingredients:Sencha (100% Toyoka)
Size: 2 x 5g tea bags

The sencha (Japan's most popular green tea) used for this Toyoka Nakajima-en Premium Teais arguably one of the most expensive versions of traditional sencha, and has a sweet taste, mild astringency, and low steeping temperature.  

In its 16th generation, Nakajima-en has been producing tea since the Edo period. This precious Sayama Single Origin “Toyoka” Tea is a single variety tea cultivated in one specific plantation. Because of this, the taste can change from year to year and the cultivation can be small, particularly for Toyoka, which is an endangered species of tea.You will immediately notice, and cherish, the rich vegetal, bitter taste of this rare tea.  

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