[Limited Holiday Edition] Marc Matsumoto Care Package


To help usher in the holidays, our friend Marc Matsumoto, culinary creator and food & beverage consultant based in Tokyo, Japan, shares some of his favorite festive Japanese cooking ingredients to ring in the New Yearalong with 10 original recipes

Marc publishes a food blog and YouTube channel called No Recipes, where he teaches everyday cooks how to elevate their meals using easy to follow recipes. He also hosts Bento Expo on NHK World, introducing the world to the delightful art of Japanese bento box lunches. 

This limited edition holiday Care Package will help you discover the art of intuitively cooking Japanese food and exploring the depth of Japanese cuisine. We also include an English brochure with all the products descriptions, producer stories and Marc's delicious recipes.

Ingredients:Chili pepper, sesame seed, sansho (Japanese pepper), shiso (Japanese basil), dried citrus peel, hemp seeds, green seaweed

Shichimi togarashiis a seven spice blend that adds a dash of heat and flavor to dishes. The base ingredients include red chili pepper,sansho (Japanese pepper), citrus peel, sesame seeds and seaweed. In Kyoto, the spice is known asKyoshichimi with more prominence given tosansho, the green Japanese pepper that carries a distinct refreshing aroma and a pronounced citrus flavor. 

Dintora has been handcrafting their shichimi since they were established in 1878. The family roasts each of the ingredients separately before blending them together using a protected family recipe. 

Producer:Nagaike Konbu
Ingredients:Sugar beet, natural sea salt, yeast extract, kelp extract, kelp powder, matcha powder

This Konbu Cha is a savory, salty Japanese seasoning that can also be mixed with hot water and sipped as a tea/broth. Using additive-free ingredients it includes kelp and beet sugar from Hokkaido, and one of Japan's most highly-regarded specialty salts produced in Hyogo Prefecture’s Ako City. Matcha powder, arguably Japan’s highest quality tea, is also added, resulting in an umami-rich, bitter yet salty and sweet seasoning. 

Producer: Marunaka Shoyu
Prefecture: Shiga
Ingredients: Soybeans (non-GMO), wheat, sun-dried salt
Size: 150ml

Just a drop of this premium-quality soy sauce, made using 200 year old family traditions and equipment, will add savory umami to your dishes. Each bottle takes three years to make with artisan brewers attending to it twice daily. Marunaka's brewing facility has also been recognized by the Japanese government as a National Tangible Cultural Property. Enjoy each drop like you would a fine wine!

100% YUZU JUICE (ゆず果汁)
Ingredients:100% yuzu juice

Japan is home to over 40 different varieties of citrus fruit, but one is prized above all others: yuzu. From the outside, yuzu resembles a lemon with its bright yellow peel. However, the fruit is larger and squatter with a flavor best described as a cross between a tart lemon, a sweet mandarin orange, and a fragrant grapefruit.

Yuzurikko, located in Tokushima Prefecture - a region famous for its yuzu - was founded by Sumie Misawa, a then 66-year-old woman who noticed that many pesticide-free yuzu in the area were being left unused, as aging farmers were no longer able to hike the mountains to collect them. She decided to create her own yuzu company and brought in younger farmers to help with the harvest.

Producer:Suki Tokusan
Ingredients:Wheat, egg, granulated sugar, soft brown sugar, starch syrup, sugar, yuzu paste, raw yuzu paste, starch

Yuzu also makes an appearance in these handmade senbei, which combine the sweetness of a cookie with the crispy crunch of a cracker. The yuzu are sourced from Miyazaki Prefecture, an area known for its commitment to traditional cultivation and small batch products.  

Producer:Okinawa Kurozato Cooperative

Kokuto (lit. “black sugar”) is a regional brown sugar from Okinawa, Japan’s southernmost tropical islands. Different from regular brown sugar, kokuto is made from 100% local sugarcane juice, has a rich licorice flavor and is considered a healthier alternative to regular sugar.

Currently, only eight islands in Okinawa manufacture pure kokuto, with each region producing a slightly different flavor, color, texture and aroma based on the soil, weather and cultivation methods. This pure kokuto powder is from Hateruma Island, the southernmost inhabited island in Japan, and is said to have been blessed by the sun and earth of the island.

Ingredients:Matcha, white sugar

This matcha latte is made from a carefully selected blend of several types of matcha, all from Uji in Kyoto - an area renowned for it's high quality matcha - and a touch of sugar for sweetness. The result is a matcha latte that is well-balanced in bitterness and astringency while retaining the original flavor of matcha.

d:matcha handles everything from tea cultivation to running its own cafe in Wazuka Town, which is located in the southern edge of Kyoto prefecture. Wazuka produces half of the tea in Kyoto and is registered as a Japan Heritage Site given its 800 years of traditional tea producing history. 

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