[LIMITED EDITION] Miwa’s Vegan Holiday Care Package: “Basic Japanese cooking items × Japanese fermented products”


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In this limited edition vegan holiday Care Package,Miwa shares some of her favorite Japanese products that she uses everyday. Born in Kamakura, Miwa is a mom of two sons and teaches Japanese home style cooking at Miwa's Japanese Cooking Class

These basic Japanese cooking items and fermented products are fun, tasty and healthy to cook and come with a full length English brochure which guides you through the products, our producers, suggested uses and original, easy-to-make recipes from Miwa!

Learn about more about these products in Miwa's video.

Prefecture: Shiga 
Marunaka Shoyu
Ingredients:Soybeans (non-GMO), wheat, sun-dried salt

Just a drop of this premium-quality soy sauce, made using 200 year old family traditions, will add umami to your dishes. Each bottle takes three years to make with artisan brewers attending to it twice daily. Marunaka's brewing facility has been recognized by the Japanese government as a National Tangible Cultural Property.

Prefecture: Hiroshima
Producer: Marushima 
Ingredients: Salt, sugar (sugar beet), konbu (kelp from Hokkaido), shiitake mushrooms (domestic), dried daikon (Japanese radish, domestic)

Dashi is an umami-rich broth that is used in many aspects of Japanese cuisine to elevate and enhance the flavors of any dish. These dashi packets allow you to conveniently create a vegan dashi made of konbu (thick edible kelp), shiitake mushrooms and daikon (Japanese radish). 

Kankyo Shuzo
Ingredients:Hon-mirin (glutinous rice, rice koji, shochu) (Aichi Prefecture)

Mirin is a type of Japanese rice wine with a sweet, umami flavor that adds sweetness and shine to Japanese dishes. This nikiri mirin is made from the highest quality mirin known hon-mirin (lit. “true” mirin) which has been boiled down to evaporate the alcohol. It contains no alcohol yet preserves its complex, deep flavors.

Prefecture: Tokyo 
Producer: Umi no Sei
Ingredients: Organic brown rice, sea salt

Shio koji is the foundation of many Japanese foods including miso, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and sake. It breaks down ingredients to enhance flavors while adding a blend of natural sweetness and saltiness. This certified organic shio koji is made on Izu Oshima Island, a volcanic island off the coast of Tokyo.

Prefecture: Kanagawa 
Producer: Toyokuniya
Ingredients: Natto (from Kanagawa), soy sauce, rice, rice malt

On its own, natto can be an acquired taste. Yet Toyokuniya has transformed these fermented soybeans into a delicious and savory rich paste which is a true local specialty. It's made from a rare domestic "Tsukui" soybean that are larger than regular soybeans, and have a rich flavor and high natural sweetness.


DISCLAIMER: We provide ingredients and common allergens based on the packaging as a reference only. Please consume with caution based on your own individual health concerns as we cannot guarantee the presence or lack of certain ingredients, allergens and/or animal products.

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