Large Soy Sauce Okaki (Rice Cracker)


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Producer: Osamado
Prefecture: Tokyo
Ingredients: Glutinous rice (domestic), vegetable oil, soy sauce (contains wheat and soybeans), sugar, seasoning extract (kelp extract, bonito flakes extract, shiitake mushroom extract, etc.), chili pepper seasoning liquid
Size: 1 cracker (~35g)

Rice crackers can be found in every shape, size and flavor in Japan. From savory to sweet, there’s a rice cracker for every occasion!

This large rice cracker, which is made one by one by hand, is a type of okaki (not to be confused with senbei which are large, circular rice crackers made non-glutinous, okaki are made from glutinous rice, or more specifically mochi, which is a traditional Japanese sticky rice cake).

It’s characterized by its thick yet soft texture and is made by kneading domestic glutinous rice with soy sauce brewed in wooden barrels, hidaka konbu (kelp) and a special umami seasoning. Hidaka konbu, also known as mitsuishi konbu, can grow up to 7-23 ft tall. It has a blackish dark green color and is softer and thinner than other konbu, making it easier to boil. It has a clean, crisp umami-flavor. The cracker is then fried until crisp and fluffy. 

Since its founding in 1924, Osamado has been dedicated to making okaki that captures the traditional “iki” (tastes) of Asakusa, a traditional neighborhood in Tokyo with olden day shops and stalls and home to the ancient Sensō-ji temple. They craft all their rice crackers in-house using only high-quality, natural ingredients in the spirit of people from the Edo Era.

Suggested uses: Enjoy as is. Pairs well with any of our Japanese green or specialty teas.


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