Jakoten (Fried Fish Cake)

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Prefecture: Ehime
Producer: Maeda
Ingredients: Fish meat (domestic), starch, rapeseed oil, salt, amazake (sweet sake) 
Vegan, Dairy-free, Soy-free
Size:2 pieces
Storage: Refrigerate after opening and use as soon as possible.

Popular in Ehime Prefecture, jakoten is a local fish cake made from fresh small fish found in the Uwa Sea. The fish are minced with their skin and bones and shaped into cakes which are then deep-fried. The resulting fish cake is delicious and flavorful, and can be found in simmered dishes or winter hot pots.

Based in Uwajima City, Maeda is surrounded by the warm, rich nature of Ehime and for more than 90 years, they have been bringing home-made taste to homes using only carefully grown domestic ingredients, made without additives or colorings. They now offer over 100 in-house products.

Suggested uses: Warm by peeling back the cover ~2cm and microwave for 1 mins (500-600W) or by heating it in a toaster oven or lightly pan frying until golden brown. Can also be enjoyed as is.

DISCLAIMER: We provide ingredients and common allergens based on the packaging as a reference only. Please consume with caution based on your own individual health concerns as we cannot guarantee the presence or lack of certain ingredients, allergens and/or animal products.

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