Instant Raw Izumo Soba with Soup

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Prefecture: Shimane 
Producer: Honda Shoten
Ingredients: Noodles: wheat flour (domestic), buckwheat flour (domestic), saltSoup: soy sauce (honjozo) (contains wheat and soybeans), sugar, salt, glucose, yeast extract, dried flying fish, dried bonito flakes, alcohol
Size:2 x 99g (80g of soba, 19g of soup) 

The noodles are made from soba, the Japanese name for buckwheat, which despite its name is not actually a type of wheat, but is a highly nutritious seed with a nutty, buttery flavor.

This special soba is known as Izumo soba, which tends to be darker than regular soba with a stronger aroma and flavor. This is a result of grinding the buckwheat noodles with its husk. The flour milling method is called "Hikigurumi" or "one-meal milling", and involves thoroughly kneading the buckwheat seeds into the noodles to produce a more textured and richer flavored soba. And despite being quick and easy to make, this soba is authentic and traditional in its texture and taste.

Honda Shoten uses 100 years of traditional raw soba making methods to create their additive-free, homemade soba from freshly ground domestic buckwheat flour. The quality is noticeable in the taste and texture, as well as the lack of odor when boiled (this can be common in other soba). Their noodles are made within an hour of milling to preserve the flavor and by leveraging the expertise of generations of soba makers, they've created this natural soba that doesn't require refrigeration before opening yet maintains its freshness.

Suggested uses: Combine the noodles with 300ml of hot water and heat in the microwave for 3mins (can also use room temperature water microwaved for 6mins) (600W). Add the soup from the package and gently stir. To cook on a stove top, boil the noodles in 350ml of water for 3-3½ mins. Add the soup, stir and serve. 


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