Freeze-Dried Adzuki (Sweet Red Beans)


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Producer:Toraya Sangyo
Ingredients:Adzuki beans (Hokkaido), sugar
Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free

Adzuki (sweet red beans) are commonly found in Japanese desserts or served mixed with rice, giving it a pink hue and nutty flavor. You may have seen adzuki beans as “an” - a sweet bean paste akin to “Japanese chocolate” that is made from equal parts adzuki, sugar and water.

These sweet adzuki beans are slightly freeze-dried to maintain their fresh, natural flavors and gives them a delightful, slightly crunchy texture. They're packed in a box decorated with the ancient Japanese "shippo tsunagi" pattern (shippo means “seven of treasures” and tsunagi means “interrelated objects”). This traditional, auspicious geometric pattern consists of overlapping circles that repeat outward, creating more circles which symbolize eternal peace and happiness.

Toraya Sangyo has been creating quality bean products for more than 50 years under the company motto: "Be strict with work, love for people, and be devoted to the merchant road." 

Suggested uses: Enjoy as is or paired with any of the Japanese green and specialty teas available at our Market: Michi no Eki. Try as a topping for ice cream, yogurt or cereal or crushed then soaked in hot water to make a sweet dessert soup.


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