Dried Shiitake Mushroom Steak (Medium & Large)


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Producer:Mori Shouten
Ingredients:Dried shiitake mushroom
Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free
Size: Medium: 1 shiitake (6-7cm diameter, 2cm thick); Large: 1 shiitake (8-9cm diameter, 3cm thick) 

Mushrooms (known as kinoko) play an essential role in Japanese cuisine, adding umami and texture to many dishes. A wide variety of mushrooms grow throughout Japan’s diverse landscape, with shiitake likely being the most well known. Extremely versatile, shiitake are characterized by their distinct meaty and smoky flavor and are also commonly used as an ingredient to make dashi (broth).

Our producer, Mori Shouten, is based in Bungo-Ono City in Oita Prefecture: Japan’s largest producing area of dried shiitake. Mori Shoten works with roughly 1,200 local farmers to deliver premium dried shiitake throughout Japan. The company was founded in 1950 and continues to naturally grow their mushrooms on logs in the forest where it can take two years for the shiitake to mature. The resulting shiitake are considered to be a higher grade with a noticeably deeper color and aroma and rich umami flavor. These impressive shiitake can grow to be more than 8cm in diameter with a thickness that makes them ideal for creating shiitake steaks.

In order to protect the quality and taste of Oita's dried shiitake mushrooms, Mori Shouten, together with the industry, established the "Oita Dried Shiitake Traceability Council". Their commitment is to cultivate “aromatic and flavorful shiitake mushrooms made from logs with a strong taste”.

Suggested uses: To rehydrate, place in a zippered bag and add enough water to cover the dried shiitake. Let sit in the fridge for 5 hrs to one night. Remove the rehydrate shiitake from the liquid and cut off the stem. The stem and liquid (dashi) can be used as a stock/soup. Gently squeeze the rehydrate shiitake to remove excess water and use as you would any mushroom in everything from Japanese stews and hot pots, to dashi (broth), asian stir fries, mushroom risotto, fettuccine alfredo and more.

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