Aomame (Green Soybean) Rice Seasoning

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Producer:Toraya Sangyo
Ingredients:Dried aomame (green soybeans): Green soybeans (Miyagi), salt (100% Yumemi salt from Setouchi). Liquid seasoning: Konbu (kelp) dashi, salt (100% Yumemi salt from Setouchi), maguro (tuna) bushi dashi (contains soybeans)
Gluten-free, Dairy-free
Size: 85g (35g dried green soybeans / 50g liquid seasoning)

You've undoubtedly tried edamame, soybeans which are often boiled and served with a touch of salt at izakayas (Japanese pubs). Although green in color, edamame are actually immature soybeans which typically turn yellow or black when fully ripe. A rarer type of soybean is aomame {lit. “blue bean”) which remains green even when ripe. Larger than regular soybeans, they are lower in fat and higher in sugar making them sweeter, particularly when steamed. Aomame are hard to find given the time and labor required to cultivate and harvest them.

Here, the sweet, nutty, buttery flavors of aomame are combined with the mellow tasting “Yumemi Salt" made from seawater from the Seto Inland Sea and a simple, gentle tasting dashi (broth) made from konbu (kelp) andmaguro (tuna) bushi.

Toraya Sangyo has been creating quality bean products for more than 50 years under the company motto: "Be strict with work, love for people, and be devoted to the merchant road." 

Suggested uses: Cook with rice: Prepare 300g of rice by washing and draining in water several times. Add the whole pack of dried green soybeans. Add 350ml of water and the liquid seasoning. Mix well and let sit for about 30mins before cooking. Cook as per your rice cooker/stove top, add a dash of salt to enhance the umami, mix well and let sit for about 10mins before serving.


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