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ZURU ZURU NOODLES: “Yui” Care Package (delivery within Japan only)
ZURU ZURU NOODLES: “Yui” Care Package (delivery within Japan only)
ZURU ZURU NOODLES: “Yui” Care Package (delivery within Japan only)
Hiyashi Miso 5 Grain Beauty Udon
Cold Soba Salad with Japanese Noodles
ZURU ZURU NOODLES: “Yui” Care Package (delivery within Japan only)
Japanese Matcha Soba
Pasta Puttanesca using Japanese Noodles

ZURU ZURU NOODLES: “Yui” Care Package (delivery within Japan only)

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Noodles are the ultimate Japanese comfort food. Whether served hot in a noodle soup or cold with a traditional dipping sauce, there’s a noodle to suit every taste and occasion. 

And in Japan, slurping loudly, a sound known as Zuru Zuru, is encouraged to enhance the aroma and flavor of the noodles while paying compliments to the chef. 

Our Zuru Zuru Noodles: “Yui” Care Package gets its name from the kanji 結 (yui) which means to tie or to link and is a symbol of the connections that bind us. We hope you enjoy this selection of some of Japan's finest noodles.

5 GRAIN BEAUTY UDON (五種の雑穀うどん)
Prefecture: Okayama
Producer: Koyama Seimen
Ingredients: Wheat flour, black rice flour, rice bran, red rice flour, glutinous barley flour, brown rice flour, sea salt (includes wheat)
Size: 170g (2 servings)

Udon, a thick glutinous noodle typically made from one single type of wheat flour, is one of Japan’s most popular noodles. What makes ours unique is the addition of five different types of domestic grains which provide an array of flavors, textures and colors, all crafted in the traditional way.

100% SOBA NOODLES (十割そば)
Prefecture: Niigata
Producer: Ichikara Farms
Ingredients: Buckwheat 
Size: 180g (2 servings)

Soba, the Japanese name for buckwheat, is not actually a type of wheat but a highly nutritious seed with a robust nutty and buttery flavor. Most soba noodles are mixed with wheat, however these soba noodles are made from 100% soba and are gluten-free. You will taste the quality and true soba flavor!

Prefecture: Okinawa
Producer: Seiwa Shokuhin
Ingredients: Noodles:
Wheat flour, mozuku (Okinawa seaweed) Broth: Organic soy sauce, kelp extract, bonito dashi, dried shiitake mushroom, sugar, sweet sake, salt, fermented wheat sauce, starch, fermented extract (includes wheat and soy)
Size: 160g noodles, 80ml broth (2 servings)

Found only in the seas surrounding Okinawa, Japan’s southernmost tropical islands, mozuku is a type of brown seaweed that gives these udon noodles a distinct chewy texture while the broth is made from organic soy sauce and local island seasonings.

Prefecture: Kanagawa
Producer: Kaneko Seimen
Ingredients: Noodles: wheat flour, kansui (alkaline salt), salt Broth: salt, sugar, pork extract powder, fermented extract, lactose, onion powder, bonito powder, ginger powder, black pepper (includes wheat and soy)
Size: 200g noodles, 10g broth (2 servings)

Ramen is one of Japan’s most well-known noodle dishes, made by mixing wheat and salt with kansui, an alkaline salt which gives ramen its distinct yellow color while increasing its elasticity and firmness. Almost all ramen noodles in Japan are made using chemically synthesized kansui. Ours, however, contain a natural kansui which is so rare that it's sourced from a saltwater lake in Inner Mongolia.

Prefecture: Miyagi & Shizuoka
Producer: Hatakenaka Seimen & Chakumi
Ingredients: Wheat, soba, matcha, salt, wheat protein (includes wheat)
Size: 200g (2 servings)

These matcha soba noodles combine hand-pulled, aged soba noodles with premium-quality “cloud-top” matcha cultivated in the remote Southern Alps of Japan. The high altitude results in an enhanced color, aroma and quality of tea.