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We've teamed up with our friend Marc Matsumoto, culinary creator and food & beverage consultant based in Tokyo, Japan, to share some of his favorite Japanese cooking ingredients along with his popular recipes to help you discover the art of intuitively cooking Japanese food and exploring the depth of Japanese cuisine.

Marc publishes a food blog and YouTube channel called No Recipes, where he teaches everyday cooks how to elevate their meals using easy to follow recipes that focus on the why behind basic cooking techniques, not just the how. He also hosts Bento Expo on NHK World, introducing the world to the delightful art of Japanese bento box lunches. 

In addition to a colorful recipe guide with 15 of Marc's favorite recipes, this limited edition Care Package includes:

Producer: Nagaike Konbu
Prefecture: Osaka
Ingredients: Ma-konbu (“true” kelp), katsuobushi (dried bonito)
Size: 10 packages (each makes 600ml of dashi)

Awase dashi, a combination of konbu (kelp) and katsuobushi (dried bonito), is the most commonly used dashi (broth) in Japan. These convenient to use packs include the rarest and most valuable natural ma-konbu (lit. "true kelp") from Southern Hokkaido and katsuobushi caught using a traditional fishing method to create a pure, sweet and mellow dashi.

Producer: Marunaka Shoyu
Prefecture: Shiga
Ingredients: Soybeans (non-GMO), wheat, sun-dried salt
Size: 150ml

Just a drop of this premium-quality soy sauce, made using 200 year old family traditions and equipment, will add savory umami to your dishes. Each bottle takes three years to make with artisan brewers attending to it twice daily. Marunaka's brewing facility has also been recognized by the Japanese government as a National Tangible Cultural Property. Enjoy each drop like you would a fine wine!

1 YEAR AGED YUZU GOSHO (一年熟成 ゆずごしょう)
Producer: Kuroiwasou
Prefecture: Oita  
Ingredients: Yuzu peel (from Oita prefecture), green chili pepper (from Oita prefecture), salt
Size: 60g

In this handmade blend of citrus and spice, Kuroiwasou combines yuzu, Japan's beloved citrus fruit, with green chili peppers and sea salt from Japan’s tropical islands of Okinawa. It is then aged for over a year using a secret method to enhance and persevere the natural flavor and aroma of their quality ingredients

Producer: Katsuobushi Kobo
Prefecture: Shizuoka
Ingredients: Soy sauce, konbu (kelp from Japan), fermented seasonings, sugar, salt, yeast extract (incl. soybeans and wheat)
Size: 35g

In many ways, shio konbu (salt kelp) defines Japanese cuisine. It's made by boiling strips of konbu in traditional Japanese flavors to soften and draw out its umami characteristics, then cut into bite sized pieces to add balanced salty yet sweet flavors to any dish

Producer: Isoya
Prefecture: Saitama
Ingredients: Dried seaweed
Size: 10 half-sized sheets (2 packages of 5 sheets (10cm x 19cm))

Isoya captures the subtle art and nostalgic taste of home roasted seaweed in these nori sheets. Each sheet is carefully grilled under the watchful eye of skilled roasting craftsmen, then cut in a temperature and humidity controlled room, ensuring optimal quality and a crispy texture.

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