Shio Konbu (Salted Kelp)

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Prefecture: Hyogo 
Producer: Hidaka Shokuhin Kogyo
Ingredients: Soy sauce,konbu (kelp from Japan), fermented seasonings, sugar, salt, yeast extract (incl. soybeans and wheat)
Vegan, Dairy-free
Size: 35g 
Storage: Store at room temperature after opening. Avoid humidity.

In many ways,shio konbu (salt kelp) defines Japanese cuisine. 90% of Japan’skonbu (thick edible kelp) is harvested in the northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido, where mineral-rich, ice cold water flowing down from Siberia provides a nutrient-dense environment for some of the world’s best konbu to grow. Each specific cultivation area produces a different tasting konbu based on the unique characteristics of the waters.

Tough and difficult to digest on its own, konbu must be cooked for a long time, which also draws out its umami characteristics. To make shio konbu, strips of konbu are boiled in traditional Japanese flavors to soften them, then cut into bite sized pieces. It can then be used to add balanced salty yet sweet flavors to any dish. Because ours includes no chemicals or additives, it has a chewier texture than what you may have tried before. 

Hidaka Shokuhin Kogyo adds a special salt from Banshu Ako to make their shio konbu. Banshu Ako is the largest salt production site in Japan, given the rich yet calm sea waters of the Irihama Salt Field (also known as “The Land of Salt”).

Suggested uses:Extremely versatile, use in onigiri (rice balls), on rice, in stir fries, pastas, salads, or omelettes/scrambled eggs. Can also be chopped into sauces or dressings, used as a seasoning instead of salt, or added to any of your favorite dishes for an extra layer of umami.

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