Shinshu Miso (Aged 2 Years)

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Producer:Marusho Jozo
Ingredients:Soybeans (domestic), rice, salt, alcohol
Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free
Storage: Refrigerate after opening.

Although it may be known for its namesake soup, miso is an umami-rich fermented paste that has a place in anything from stews to salad dressings. It has a deep, savory flavor with a fermented salty-sweet tang.

For 120 years, Marusho Jozo has been using traditional manufacturing methods to hand make their products. They select high-quality domestic soybeans, rice, and natural spring water, then by using the brewery's unique old-fashioned manufacturing method and natural microorganisms, they carefully age their miso for two years. This all-purpose Shinshu miso (named after Nagano Prefecture’s olden feudal name of Shinshu) is characterized by a faint acidity, a fully-aged, rich umami, and a balanced timeless taste.

Suggested uses: Extremely versatile, use it to make any type of miso soup, sauces to stir fry vegetables, marinades for vegetables, meat or fish, or a salad dressing by adding oil, honey (or mirin or sugar) and a bit of citrus juice.

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