Koya Dofu (Freeze Dried Tofu)


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Prefecture: Nagano 
Producer: Tokiwa Frozen Foods
Ingredients: Non-GMO Nakasennari soybeans (from Nagano Prefecture), coagulant for tofu, baking soda
Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free
Size:4 pieces (62g) 

Koya dofu (freeze-dried tofu) is a staple in any Japanese pantry. It has a mild flavor and a unique spongy texture. When cooked in a broth, the tofu soaks up the liquid, making it almost burst in your mouth when you eat it. 

This koya dofu is made from 100% Nakasennari soybeans, a rare variety of soybean that has a relatively high natural sugar content with rich yet clean sweet and savory characteristics compared to other conventional koya dofu. 

Tokiwa Frozen Foods started as a small tofu shop in 1927, founded by the grandfather of the current president. They are committed to producing koya dofu using traditional methods to preserve the taste of “mother's home cooking", while creating innovative tofu products.

Suggested uses: Rehydrate by soaking in warm water then squeeze out the water and simmer in a flavored broth/soup. Use in place of regular tofu, as is or ground up, in stir fries, pasta, rice bowls, etc. Can also be added directly to miso and noodle soups without being rehydrated first.

Vegan Japanese Sweet and Sour Koya Dofu Stir Fry

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