Smoked Island Tofu (Shimadofu)

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Prefecture: Okinawa 
Producer:Shokuno Kakehashi Company
Ingredients:Tofu (made in Okinawa), miso, rice koji, rice, sugar, kelp extract, nigari (bittern/salt) (incl. soy)
Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free
Size: 100g 
Storage: Refrigerate after opening.

A rare find even in Japan!

Shimafodu, or island tofu, is a local tofu from Okinawa - Japan's southernmost tropical island with a cuisine, culture, and way of life that is unique from the mainland. This regional specialty has a firmer texture than regular tofu with more protein, making it a great ingredient to cook with or to enjoy on its own.  

This special version of shimadofu is made by slowly aging the tofu with koji (a fermenting microorganism) and smoking it with cherry wood chips. The result is a unique shimadofu that looks and tastes like smoked cheese but with less fat, and a flavor that deepens over time. The outside is smoky and fragrant, while the inside is moist and rich. 

Our producer, Shokuno Kakehashi, is committed to supporting Japan's agriculture, forestry and fisheries and focuses on creating inventive foods made from local domestic ingredients unique to Okinawa.

Suggested uses: Use as a substitute for cheese. Enjoy as is (pairs great with wine!), as a thick spread on bread/crackers, drizzled with olive oil and pepper, or in salads.

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