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GIVEAWAY: Matcha - Premium Japanese Powdered Green Tea

Japanese Green Tea Company's Match: Premium Japanese Powdered Green Tea

Love matcha?

Recognized around the world for its vibrant green color and distinctive mellow taste, matcha (抹茶), which translates to "powdered green tea", has come to represent many aspects of the Japan's culture and cuisine. The only tea that uses the whole tea leaf, matcha has also been celebrated for its numerous health benefits due to its high level of antioxidants and its ability to lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular.

We've partnered with Japanese Green Tea Company, two time winner of the Global Tea Championship, to give away their Matcha - Premium Japanese Powdered Green Tea (1.8oz) to three (3) lucky winners!

Japanese Green Tea Company's Match: Premium Japanese Powdered Green Tea

About Matcha from Japanese Green Tea Company

Japanese Green Tea Company won the Global Tea Championship two years in a row, in 2017 and 2018.

This year, their matcha won the Silver Award.

Here is a one minute video from their CEO about their tea.

Japanese Green Tea Company sells authentic, healthy Japanese Matcha & Green Tea harvested from sugarcane soil.

In addition to the Global Tea Championship, their tea won the Japanese National Tea Award in 1974, 1975, 1979 and 2010.

Their matcha is one of the most luxurious,  made from premium Japanese green tea curated from the dirt that grows the tea.

The farmers carefully cultivate crops of thick grasses around their tea trees and sugarcane syrup so that they provide added nutrients directly to the soil as a compostable blanket every winter. The farmers also collaborate with researchers from Shizuoka University to study soil and the impacts its sweetness has on the taste of the tea it cultivates.

This labor-intensive process protects each plants’ delicate roots while giving each tree the nutrition it needs to grow, ensuring that only the best leaves make it into their tea. This longer processing method leads to a bolder flavor filled with the health-enhancing amino acid theanine with smoother a mouthfeel, a subtle hint of sweetness and is far less astringent.

This premium matcha is loved by many top chefs in Japan as it is tuned to provide more aroma than any others on the market. 

Each step in production is carried out by master tea makers with the highest technology available, but with the fundamentals of the old tradition.

From the color of the tea to the unforgettable aroma, it is to the highest standard available in the Japanese Market.

Japanese Green Tea Company's Match: Premium Japanese Powdered Green Tea

How to Enter

  1. Mandatory: Subscribe to Japanese Green Tea Company's newsletter at: https://www.japanesegreenteain.com/news  (Winner's email address must be on the list at the time of drawing).
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  4. Optional (additional drawing): Like Japanese Green Tea Company's Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GreenTeaIn/
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  6. Optional (additional drawing): Follow Japanese Green Tea Company on Twitter: https://twitter.com/greenteainusa

Giveaway closes on Sunday, March 24th at midnight PST and is open to US residents only. 


  • Thank you for entering and best of luck Christina!

    Kokoro Care Packages
  • Did everything but the Twitter. Hope I’m a winner and get to try this matcha!

  • Those sound delicious Louise! Wish would could try them :) Thank you for your comment.

    Kokoro Care Packages
  • I love to bake with macha tea powder and I make wonderfull macha pizzelles

    Louise Poulin de Courval

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